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Yinlun makes ceaseless effort in improvement and innovation to realize harmony between enterprise development and the environment. We make contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction in the society through R&D of leading products and technologies. We also are dedicated to create more beautiful environment for the employees to work and live in so that the company can develop on a sustainable basis.

Development Orientation

Yinlun has formulated the “Twelfth Five-year Development Scheme” which defines Yinlun’s development orientation and goal to become an outstanding enterprise in the world’s automobile component industry in 5-10 years.

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Environment, Health and Safety

Heath and safety policy: Everything gives the way to environmental protection and the health of employees is always concerned.

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Award & Certificate

Our efforts win affirmation and recognition from more and more customers as well as praise and honor from the society. Yinlun is always dedicated to pushing the development of automobile component heat exchanger industry in China, hoping that our effort can speed up the pace of Chinese national automobile industry to become prosperous.
In 2005,Yinlun passed the combined TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification performed by BVQI from France.

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